puerto rican independence party

The roots of the Puerto Rican independence Party have to be searched for, first of all, in the yearning for liberty of our people, manifested in many ways throughout its history; from Agueybana the Brave, going through the slave revolts, to the Cry of Lares and, later on, in the three tendencies that distinguish the Puerto Rican independentisy during the first half of the 20th century.

Firstly: The union of the battle for political liberty and the battle for social justice, is incarnated in the Independence Party, founded in 1912 by Rosendo Matienzo Cintron and Eugenio Benitez Castano.

Secondly: The vision of the necessity of a strong, big and organized party, the tendency of the masses party was represented by Jose de Diego y Martinez. The Aguadillan patriot united the independentists in one party, the Union Party, which also grouped other tendencies.

Thirdly: Solely independentist, aware and awareness-raising party, was represented and directed in the nationalist party by Mr. Pedro Albizu Campos.

These tendencies, which are all vital to a truly freeing movement, were manifested in isolation during the first years of this century. It was the vision and patriotic valor of Mr. Gilberto Concepcion de Gracia the would capture the historic moment do give life to the party that would unite them to be the adequate instrument for the liberation of our home: The Puerto Rican Independence Party.